Commercial Vehicles Violations


In recent years, the State of New York has increased commercial vehicle enforcement.  Looking to the future and the expected increased traffic load due to the Marcellus Shale development, enforcement is expected to increase dramatically.

Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is your livelihood.  For the owner -operator, the fines resulting from just one inspection checkpoint could equal weeks sometimes months of profit.  Often the employer is responsible for the violations and the operator is left responsible for thousands of dollars in fines.

Checkpoint violations that could affect your livelihood include:

o   Overweight(Height/Width) Violations

o   Log Book Violations

o   Speeding Violations

o   Inspection Violations

o   Permitting Violations

o   Any other violations issued pursuant to the New York State Transportation Law.

Beyond the fines, the loss of your CDL privileges is devastating and can have long lasting implications beyond a temporary license suspension and job loss.  Transportation law fines can reach into the thousands.



At the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC we understand the intricacies involving transportation law violations.  Whether you are an owner-operator or operating a company owned vehicle, we are in your corner.  We will ensure that your interests, whatever they may be, are protected above all else.

Remember, our first priority is to protect you and your livelihood

Often depending on the violations you were issued, we can make a motion on your behalf to have those violations issued in the name of the company you work for and remove you from liability.

Call the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC today so that we can prepare you and the defense that you deserve to protect your livelihood.