What you do today could save your family time, money and most of all, allow them to focus on their loss.  At the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC we have prepared estate plans for many clients and have seen the positive results of what our estate planning can do.

Every client is different and every client needs an experienced attorney to take the time to review their unique situation.  Only then can we make a recommendation to suit your needs for today and well into the future.  
Our team is not only on top of the latest developments in the law, but we also bring proven judgment and perspective to each case. When we work with our clients, we invest time in understanding individual objectives and creatively and carefully tailoring solutions to achieve them. Additionally, our team is supported by technicians within the practice — lawyers’ lawyers, as we call them — who are at the top of their fields in complex areas like taxation, retirement planning, and philanthropy. Their experience, along with the talent available to us through our corporate, financial institutions, and litigation lawyers, provides us with robust resources to help our clients achieve the optimal estate planning solutions for their situations.
At the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC we will help you plan for and protect your future and your family’s future through the use of the following documents:
A will can be as simple as leaving your entire estate to one group of people, such as your children.  Your will can be a vehicle to protect your assets in the form of a trust, should your heirs have special needs.
A trust can be created in two ways.  The first is a trust created at your death as set forth in your will.  The second is a lifetime trust.  A trust created by your will is funded at your death using your assets for the benefit of your heirs.  A trust created during your lifetime is funded with all or some of your assets.  A lifetime trust can be controlled by you, and you can transfer assets and use the trust to take care of any of your needs during your lifetime.
Power of Attorney
You can appoint someone that you trust to be your power of attorney.  Your power of attorney can virtually perform any task that you can.  A power attorney does not survive your death but does survive in the event of your disability.  Should you be unable to pay your bills, manage your affairs, or simply be out of town your Power of Attorney can act for you.
Health Care Proxy
Similar to a Power of Attorney, you can appoint someone you trust to make decisions in the event you are faced with a life threatening illness and are unable to convey your wishes to medical personnel.    You can explain to the person you appoint that you do not wish any medical treatment “that would only prolong your dying”.
Living Will
A living will is similar to a health care proxy.  A living will explains to your doctor or other medical personnel your wishes when it comes to decisions concerning severe medical conditions.
Lifetime Transfers
A lifetime transfer is one of the most common and widely used estate planning vehicles.  Often your home is the asset you wish to protect.  This can be transferred to your beneficiaries, and often we will recommend reserving a life use.  By doing this, you can stay in your home, continue to receive the STAR Tax Exemption, and avoid having to probate your estate.  This saves your beneficiaries time and money in the future and allows you to stay in your home.


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