Preparing to Buy


Whether you are purchasing your first or second home we will help you do so as fully informed and as prepared as possible.

If the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC is your first call, we can help you navigate every detail of your purchase:

  • Finding a reputable realtor
    • Being able to provide your realtor all information necessary for a successful home purchase.
    • Know what you want in a contract so that when your realtor writes the contract it is written to protect your interests and have realistic timetables.
  • Obtaining financing
    • We work with many local banks.
    • We can help you be as prepared as possible before you meet with a bank to obtain financing.
  • Preparing a purchase offer for a home that is for sale by owner.
    • Properties that are for sale by owner present unique circumstances.
  • Finding a home inspector


We will work with you every step of the way.



Whether it is your first home, vacation home, or income property, purchasing real estate is almost everyone's single largest investment.

Unfortunately, most SELLERS and BUYERS make their first call to a:

  • Bank
  • Realtor
  • Family Member


Your first call should be to:

The DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC