Vehicle and Traffic Violations


A traffic ticket can have serious long-term consequences regardless of age. Individuals charged with a traffic violation commonly “plead guilty and pay a fine”.  However, New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law provides for additional penalties beyond those imposed by the Court.  When you plead guilty to a traffic violation the additional penalties are imposed by the NYSDMV. Oftentimes, an individual is made aware of these penalties after conviction which makes it difficult to correct.

Additional penalties include...

Court Imposed Penalties:

  • When you plead guilty the court will impose a fine and surcharge.
  • Fines can range anywhere from $0.00 to $1,000.00
  • Surcharge can range anywhere from $85.00 to $395.00


Department of Motor Vehicles Imposed Penalties:

  • Driver’s License Point System
    • Nearly every conviction carries an additional penalty imposed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  Points for a particular violation can vary depending on the conviction.
    • Your license can be suspended.
      • If you plead guilty to or are convicted of more than 3 moving violations in 18 months your license can be suspended.
      • If you plead guilty and have accumulated more than 11 points your license can be suspended.
    • Drivers Safety Assessment
      • New York State has enacted driver safety assessment fees for drivers having been convicted of certain offenses and/or drivers with points on their license.
      • Drivers convicted of DWAI or DWI must pay a $750.00 driver safety assessment fee.
      • Drivers with points on their license may also be assessed:
        • 6 points = $300
        • 7 points = $375
        • 8 points = $450
        • 9 points = $600
      • If you currently have points on your license a reduction of the current charge can avoid you paying the driver safety assessment fees.  In most cases our fee is less than the minimum driver safety assessment fee.


Insurance Penalties:

  • Insurance companies set your policy premium based upon a risk of loss.
  • In some cases individuals who receive one speeding ticket and who have had the same insurance for many years receive a notice of cancellation.
  • Convictions can also lead to increased premiums.


In today’s society we no longer live within walking distance of work, school or other obligations.  Before you plead guilty, imagine your day-to-day life without a driver’s license.  The number of miles you drive is directly related to your chances of getting a traffic violation.

Most importantly, a person charged with a traffic ticket could receive another ticket in a short time after years without traffic violations.  When hiring our firm, we will help you look at the long term effect of a traffic ticket on your driving privileges.

The actions you take today could greatly affect your driving privileges tomorrow. Call the DeFilippo Law Firm, PLLC now and we may be able to save you hundreds of dollars, points on your license, and possibly the loss of your driving privileges. 



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will I have to appear in Court?
    • With permission of the Court our firm can appear on your behalf at the initial appearance, pre trial and even at trial if necessary.
    • This can help you to avoid having to take time off from work or other responsibilities, which are dependent on your driver’s license.


  • How long does it take compared to pleading guilty?
    • In some towns and villages court is held once a month.
    • Is some cases, as your attorney, we can contact the District or Town Attorney and have a reduction worked out prior to your initial appearance.
    • It may be difficult to contact the court due to their hours, and unless you go to court it may also be difficult to contact the District Attorney as well.