Business Law


We provide practical guidance to assist clients in forming, acquiring, merging, expanding, or selling a business from beginning to end, including:

  • Structuring the purchase or sale of assets and/or stock

  • Drafting and reviewing letters of intent (LOI) and purchase/sale agreements

  • Due diligence review

  • Structuring of bank or private financing, and the review of bank commitment letters

  • Assisting in satisfying and/or reviewing all conditions, precedent and contingencies of a contract and/or any bank financing

  • Reviewing all bank documents

  • Assisting with any licensing or regulatory matters required for the operation, purchase or sale of a business

  • Preparation and review of any documentation needed to complete a transaction

  • Closing transactions and handling post-closing issues


Business Formation

“We have known Jim for over 20 years. We moved our family from Elmira, NY to Campbell, NY to start our dream of owning a farm. Jim has been there from the beginning and we now operate a farm of over 400 acres and have over 230 beef cattle. Jim handled numerous closings for us as we grew. He also handled my business legal work as I have a full-time business I run with a partner and my wife is employed full time.

The last closing Jim did for us was on a Sunday at our home. He knows just how busy our lives are, doesn’t ask how to make it happen just makes sure it gets done and done professionally.”*
— Aaron M. & Carrie M.

Expansion / Acquisition

“We were referred to Jim by a friend with regards to some business matters we needed assistance with. Later we had the opportunity to expand our business with the purchase of a competitor’s business. This transaction would more than double the size of our business.

When the opportunity arose my first call was to Jim. Our transaction involved a lot of risk on our part and we did our homework. In the end he assisted us with the purchase contract, financing, insurance and answered every question we had. The concept that I found most reassuring was that he also consistently gave us answers to the questions that we didn’t know to ask.” *
— Leon T.

Residential Construction

We understand the construction business. We have assisted many contractors and developers to ensure that each and every real estate transaction is sound, and their interest is protected.

“I have been in the residential construction field for over 30 years. I began my career with my father in Pennsylvania. Over the years I have focused on residential development and the construction of new homes.

With the development of custom-built homes there are issues of financing, building contract and sales contracts. Jim and his father before him have handled all of these details and allowed me to focus on what I do without worry.”*
— Ros
“In 2011 I decided to enter the construction industry on my own. I had a long career working with a number of construction companies in the area who are some of the leaders in the construction field. Jim guided me through the formation of my company and continued to provide me legal services for all these years. The services have included the purchase and sale of numerous residential and commercial properties, forming corporations and planning for future growth.

The services that Jim provides give me the ability to focus on my business and not have to worry about current or future issues related to my business. With every matter that he has handled, I have not only been kept up to date on progress, but more importantly, he has always gone beyond the matter at hand and informed me of future issues to be aware of and plan for.”*
— Dan W.

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome